Education against mutilation

Zinduka implements holistic approaches to empower girls and promote gender equality in rural communities in Kenya. We ensure sustainable behavioural development and create positive change towards the elimination of harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM).

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The abolition of the anti-FGM law in The Gambia?

Not with us!

What's going on?


On 18 March 2024, the National Assembly in The Gambia passed a resolution repealing the anti-FGM law. We are appalled. The final decision on whether this will really succeed will be made in July. You can find more information on the situation in The Gambia in our in the Article.

What have we contributed?


As part of the Round Table against FGM in Germany, we have organised petitions and the Letters from Terre Des Femmes and supported activists on the ground.   

More information on how you can support us here:


  1. Sign and share the petitions on Avaaz and
  2. Donation to Shine Lightwho realise radio and television campaigns on location.
  3. Share our Article and inform on your socials.
Photo by Muhamad Oubittaye, Gambia, 18.03.24

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